Tuesday, September 23, 2008


i've been drinking a little liquor lately. alliteration.
trying to get a reasonable tolerance.
a defense method. indeed.
blended strawberry margaritas aren't girl drinks. do not hate.
what else?
oh yeah - scrambling. arriving late to class and what not.
everyday, though we are barely in the 2nd week, it seems as though i find myself drawing images of whoever is sitting in front of me more than i find myself listening to the professor's lecture about ....stuff. no disrespect. some of the stuff is really DUMB.

i am constantly disturbed by some of the things that ppl wear to school.
no swag.
at all.
the jokes - are NOT funny. stop laughing.
shakespeare's comedy 12th Night??
not funny, at least in my opinion.
i dont get it.
oh well...

oh yeah -
i know there are some young men who visit this blog. this information is for you when it comes to women.
whenever you see a girl/woman who appears to be angry..like..a blank face. like..doesn't look like she wants to talk to anyone...dont believe the hype.
that look is merely a defense method, you dig?

sometimes what may very well look like a unhappy person is a self concious person..despite how gorgeous they are.
real deal.

just passing along some scramblin' advice! lol
footage coming soon.
stupid dope footage most likely.

Juggernaut relates the messages that he receives on aim...i'm pretty sure he is telling you about the collaboration thing.

thank you to the blogs that posted the video. appreciated.

it's almost thursday! from thursday to monday i'll be on a vicious scramble.
and im skipping school tomorrow.
prove it. ^_^


MUAH!!!! said...

Strawberry Margaritas are not women drinks either. I suppose if it were legal for Kids to drink, this is what they would want. lol. Margaritas are more like chasers.

Try Patron or 1800, Silver in both, since you're already drinking tequila. And if you HAVE to have a mixed drink, buy orange juice and grenadine/cranberry juice, and you'll have a tequila sunrise.

I'm learning to be a bartender, if you're wondering about my wealth of knowledge in alcohol. lol

Have fun in Vegas. Remember my advice...Make sure you and your friends have plenty of condoms and hand sanitizer.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Drink Minute Maid Cherry Limeade its on point! it seems like everyone drinks liqour just to conform or seem cool, I don't understand how the taste could be enjoyable, just my opinion

Anonymous said...

Same here I dont fit in any of my classes everythings so funny to these people i'm just thinkin is it me or is everyone else a cornball!

Anonymous said...

Alcohol does not taste good AT ALL...but the results are fun.

Just how goin to college and sitting in boring ass classes is not fun but the results are worthy.

Plus alcohol is instant results which makes it even better. lol.

Turbo said...

very insightful comments here...haha.
thanks for the tips..
ive yet to be 'drunk' and i dont think i want to see what its like