Wednesday, September 17, 2008


you wouldn't believe the amount of emails received from other emcees/rappers.

the most frequently asked question of them all would have to be:

Do you wanna do a collab?


I have an idea. Let's do a collab.

I will provide the beat in due time. Here are the rules:

1. One verse. 16 bars.

2. The verse should contain some type of a diss towards Turbo.
-we aren't making the typical song here. a handicap match, if you will.

3. Please use reasonable sound quality. Anything that sounds like trash, will not be included.

4. Mostly those who actually know how to rap will be accepted. None of this "oh, ima get on a track with Double even though ive never recorded a day in my life" business.


This part is important.

The song that I have in mind could possibly damage your career as an emcee - or - it could earn you more respect. Depends on performance. The beat will be super basic on your verse. The song will be soooo biased in the sense'll see.

It's all in good fun though.

Just know that I will be on the track with you. You will be dissing me, and, yeah.


. i didnt make the beat, fyi.
some of you may figure out what i am doing right when you hear the beat.

email both your MIXED and your DRY VOCAL to


Future said...

Finished Writing...You Should have my verse by tonight.

~Peace'n Productivity

Ps. How long before i hear your verse?

starplayah said...

if only i could rap...

Turbo said...

may not be for a long long time.
you still have time to save your career. muahhahaa

Doucet said...

Shit. I was wrong, this is a big decision to make. When is teh deadline?

Turbo said...

end of month.