Saturday, September 6, 2008

I know I know...Scramblin = no time!

I just read an email from someone who requested lyrics to my tracks. Being that I do NOT write my lyrics, I think it would be rather interesting to see what the words look like in text as opposed to in my brain.
So I'm asking...which song would you like the words to?

Depending on which track it is, I'll post. I prolly won't type the lyrics to a super difficult track like G.A.S. or

It would be GREAT to see another person's in depth evaluation of a verse. you can email it to turbo2k5@yahoo and i'll prolly post it. real deal.

if there are specific questions..I might explain..maybe. just know that every song is meaningful, in my opinion.

let's start with this excerpt that probably every single human being overlooked:

ElectroRock v3 disc 3_DeyKnowDouble:

"You see my ice, look like it came up out a bladder. (yellow)
i'm just kidding..ha ha ha..laughter.
call me miyagi double...why? the master.
like splinter...or the paper cutter.
that's shredder, i gets cheddar...bread and butter."

wait, not that part.
fast forward a lil:

"i dont make it rain, instead of throwing dollars, i throw change.
i make it hail, yall can tell, i aint playing (plain)
call me T. Double Augusta...cuz I'm the Maine.(man) (Maine's capital city is Augusta)
With a capital flow, so, lower case rappers should already know since I told them before, I'm the Master, but this aint no tournament.
this is just a lesson so just listen till you learn and it's without an introduction, without any instructions..etc. etc."


Ok maybe I won't be typing out all of this.
But check. this track is hands down one of the most basic tracks on the mixtape.

The Masters is a golf tournament that takes place where?
The Masters program in school provides students with a number of lessons.

i really like this song/video. this has nothing to do with this post but yeah - why not?

first, here's how you DO NOT do it:

here's HOW TO do it!:

also - in roughly 19 days...TSST VEGAS..!!
yeah, ima wu tang there. i dont care.

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Sean said...

I'd like to see the lyrics for all the 5 minute tracks. Oh and Lightheart. Oh and Ozone. Oh and different differences. Oh all of em.