Tuesday, September 16, 2008

school is definitely going to be tough.

also -
fellow english majors tend to be too corny for my taste.
professors and students alike tell jokes and everyone laughs hysterically...except me.
i have a sense of humor...but...not a sense of corniness.

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MUAH!!! said...

I used to be an English major, until one day I was in class, and the teacher asked me...

"So what do you think the author was feeling when he wrote this?"

And I was like (to paraphrase) Its a sad poem so he probably was sad.

And the teacher was like...

"No, I mean what do you think the actual author who wrote it as opposed to the narrative author who is telling the story? (or something like that)

And my answer was...

"How am I suppose to know how the author was feeling? I wasn't there."

And that was the day that I decided being an English major WAS NOT for me.