Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ok cool...

Just posting this to acknowledge the emails received concerning VVV...
I really appreciate the feedback and the ...encouragement.
One thing I noticed, though, was that some ppl actually claimed that I didn't have a spot for 'Donations'......I do.

Probably not apparent enough, so, I'm going to add it to this blog on the right somewhere.
But whatever about that -
We are in a recession right?

Moving along,
school is about to begin for me. To avoid actually falling asleep in most classes, I make it seem as though I am following along with what the professor is saying, but, in my mind, I am usually constructing works of art.
real deal.

So yeah, songs will be made.
* Note there is a difference between songs being made and songs being released. *

The VVV download count is at a pretty cool count, but, definitely not enough to straight spazz and what not.
what else - -

I have a little project that I am thinking of doing.
The thing about this project is that I may actually need your assistance, that is, assuming that you are a rapper.

I don't want to give away too many details but yeah...stay tuned. It's going to be...cinematic.

Don't remind me later on like "HEY WHAT ABOUT THAT ONE PROJECT" and yeah....I don't like that.
Nothing about "HEY POST THOSE FREESTYLES" either..


Footage coming soon, probably.
Ummm...Juggernaut is a real person and it is his real screen name.
Why would I make that up?
That's corny.

Anyways - enough of that!
just know that ...welll...just know that I can't really sit back as a new school of emcees emerge as the most vicious.

i may not be signed but...i know what i am doing musically.
please don't doubt me.

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