Monday, September 1, 2008

Good Question + freestyle

Yo, Turbo, Why do you even record a song if you're not gonna release it? It makes no sense.

To answer the question, one must first identify the intention of the artist. Does the artist create work soley to receive approval? Does the artist create work in order to increase their database of music for the sake of being able to release a rapid amount of work just so that the audience will acknowledge the ridiculous amount of time and hard work that the artist has spent on something that the artist not only 'loves' to do but to a certain extent, relies upon in order to survive be it financially, mentally, or quite possibly physically?

Or, does the artist, despite the relatively limited amount of evidence suggesting a sincere emotional attachment to their work, create their art as an outlet to express their feelings, that is, soley for self expression without a main focus on receiving input or some sort of gratification from outside parties?

Does the artist really need to release work? Will the work be appreciated, that is, appreciated to the point where the artist actually becomes motivated to continue making art that is being presented to any and every living being who is capable of not only hearing but of listening?
Does the artist realize that there are those who have, are starting to, and very well will study the artist's style and then attempt to recreate something similiar within the 'work' of that student artist whose intentions are either made apparent by the way they conduct themselves or are deeply rooted and hidden only later to be revealed by those who this student artist has tricked into supporting their ....scheme?

There are so many answers to this question.
Just understand that as joyful or as comedic as my work may seem at times, for the most part, each song serves a purpose.
When there is no purpose to present purposes to those who purposely propose for more purpose when purpose is commonly purchased from those who present purposes and reap produce, that is, under the idea that you receive things from what you sow, then, it really makes 'no sense'.

I don't want to turn into ENGLISH MAJOR mode right now sooooo

^typing wrecklessly to briefly break away.
look -
there aint point in releasin' ya diiiiig. Here is a freestyle.
This may not be HOT is a true FREESTYLE.
It would be TOO easy to record an entire MIXTAPE...or...MIXTAPE AFTER MIXTAPE AFTER MIXTAPE consisting of this type of lyrical content..

staying and practicing this style of rap could possibly lead to the release of every 'song' recorded. something like that - whatever.

Imagine being a cat. now, imagine there are other cats...right? alot of them. some younger than others. some older than others.
imagine being a cat that can FLY.
other of them can fly. only a few. some think they can fly. but...they just...hover.
now some cats drink milk that makes them believe they are flying and some actually begin thinking that they ARE flying.
sometimes so many cats believe they are flying that those who really are flying become mixed up and then yeah
and then like
all gets confused and then..
I'm losing focus on what this post is suppose to be for, my bad
i aint pressin dat backpsce key tho n thas fasho


goes to play street fighter 2 hyper fighting and imagine the opponents to be real life people


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Stamper said...

Awesome post, Turbo. Entertaining read.