Monday, September 15, 2008


day of school.
this should be interesting.
also - 10 days till the trip.
yup! ima post another blog later cuz right now is reppin time, reppin reppin reppin time.


Cathy said...

hey turbo,
do you do shows? if you ever come down to seattle, me and some friends would most definitely come out to see you.
really appreciate all the music, by the way. it's truly great in its own esoteric originality.

Turbo said...

i've did one show before. i was supposed to do one in seattle for the penny arcade expo but that didnt work out.
thank you for your appreciation.
one day id like to perform again..who knows

Anonymous said...

i might be up within those ten days..

but you wont be these lol. smh.

Anonymous said...

there i meant. my bad

Turbo said...

be where?
you dont know where i live ^_^