Sunday, December 21, 2008

but someone from best buy just actually convinced me ...that....i need a mac.


just a few hours ago i was a pc.
now...i am in need of a mac.
not the makeup, either.
but you know...the APPLE product.

it feels weird even typing that word...APPLE.

I do know somethings about apples though...lemme tell you.
gala, red delicious, granny smith, braeburn, fuji, ambrosia.

i like honey crisp and pink ladys though.
real deal.

but anyways...
once i get 2500 bucks...that will be the beginning of some stupid a good way.

hdr-sr11 camcorder already on deck.
locations on deck.
photographer "Chief" on deck for assistance.
just need like a tripod on deck, macbook on deck, and uhhhh
some software..........on deck, of course.

also, somene asked me ( in person )
'if you make it big, are you gonna change on us??"

this question was rather interesting.
first, i do not plan to make it big.
eventually, this hip hop thing may a lil intro to something else...perhaps.

will i change?
not necessarily.
i will, however, DEFINITELY have amnesia. as of now, theres a great chance that i will forget most of the people who i know in person. even those who i text message/talk to semi regularly. not regularly, but semi regularly.

real deal.

not too many friends in this mundane place.
an abundance of dissapointment, however.
i went to see YES MAN last night....

it was cool.
the people who i went with said it was....wait.
i didnt go with anyone.
smh? perhaps.

but at the end of the day, a true OPTIC BLAST will come. it has to come.

a blast of pure intelligent brightness to destroy the dim wittedness.

and you probably don't believe it...
you probably think this post is about you, don't you, don't you, don't you.


anyways - I've been slipping on giving thanks. Juggernaut told me bout the first couple vids and I saw the last one on the comments.
also, thanks for the adds...non fiction. Big ups....

to the shoutouts / references/artistic dedication to TURBO on the following videos:
around the 1:35 mark in this vid:

around the 3:10 mark in this vid:

this whole vid:

around the 1:45 mark in this vid:

But yeah - I really do appreciate the respect.
And yeah - l have an idea...tell you about it later though.
scramble UP

ps: no longer making attempts. keep it 100%


Anonymous said...

I saw that coming... the "hip-hop as a phase or intro to something else" situation. Just backtracking to quotes such as "I am not a rap act". And the thing you said in 2099 about being past the level of underground rapper tyring to to come up(not the exact quote of course, but you know what I mean) I could always sense that there was more to you than just being a rapper, that this was just the tip of the iceberg(for a lack of a better analogy). Much respect though! You might not believe that I'm in tune like this, but I had the EXACT same thought this evening. Such as, "Turbo will go on to something else eventually."

DFresh said...

"aint nobody like mike jackson!" that songs sick.

s_ said...

i hear rhys darby aka jim carreys sidekick or somethin in that movie is gettin rave reviews up there.
oh yeah thats right, hes a NEW ZEALANDER. NZ vs. US turbo? we win.

oh and youre gettin a mac.... good decision. black macbook for life right here.