Sunday, December 7, 2008


nigga u do cuss, don't front like u don't cuss, I've heard u cuss before, it always seems like u tryna put on some act lately

just got back from good ol' hollywood.
read this comment.

who are you?
i don't know anyone named D Carter...I know a M this you?
man, pardon my back.
put on some act? lately?
i bet you don't even know my government name, where i live, where i attend school..
nothing...even with that information, you've NEVER been inside my house.
if one were to do someone i went to school with for like 10 years, for example..

i am pretty sure that it would be extremely difficult to locate a single person who has even set a single foot in my house.
we don't hang out.
i dont know you.

if i have what? i never said that i DONT...i said i FEEL like doing it..
but if you knew who i've most likely never heard me cuss...NIGGA.

even my old old old music didnt cuss.

do you realize that english profanity wouldn't mean anything in a given non english speaking society?. if anything, only the tone would be picked up as disrespectful..

the word 'tree' for example has zero relation to the actual object. it is just a word chosen to mean something to some people.
fornicate under king's rule. female dogs and what not.
truth and lying in a non-moral sense...anyone?
why am i explaining myself?
cuz i can.

don't comment anymore with trying to find some type of inconsistency with me.
not to say that one CANT find inconsistency with what i say or do...because..humans are imperfect...but...there's more to life, real deal. i think you're the same person who said that "i used that joke before"
if not, excuse me.
if so, i donnnnt care if i re-use a joke...

if you don't care then why are you addressing the issue?
well, because i don't care about the issue.

you cant win.

^ wasn't a rant. i realize that there is entertainment value found in a message that displays any type of emotion, esepcially anger...especially addressing a comment...i understand.
D_Carter, it's all love on my end, pause. I just wanted to respond like that because responses like that are funny. just right now, i felt like posting something funny.

right now, i can soooo backspace everything and say....well...nothing.
but...this is more entertaining.
do i post some postings for entertainment value? yes.
why? because i feel like it. its fun sometimes.

giving mixed signals - also fun.
confusing people forces them to think. thats wussup.
something direct taken as confusion forces people to assume. thats cool.
people making demands, it would be wise to learn manners because they will help you later on in other dealings in your life.
as far as emailing me demands, you can do it. you just lose my respect. to some, respect means nothing. to others, respect is very important. to me, it is very important. go figure.

manners are key.
arrogance is hilarious...genuine? who knows.
this is the internet.

Untitled from Battle Toad on Vimeo.


princeton said...

Entertaining character you are Turbo! Not to ask an intrusive question but what kinda watch is that fam?

BlackEnigma said...

cool freestyle, pretty girls, ill watch and tee, great video

Anonymous said...

cool cool yea um wat watch is that?

DFresh said...

the comment i left on the last post...apply it to this one too. i know i could just say it, but tbh this makes me feel that much cooler." "

Anonymous said...

juuuust to let u know, fuck does not mean fornication under consent of the king, thats a superbly wrong etymological came from german, and norse...just a word that meant to love or hit

s_ said...

manners and respect huh..... oh yes...