Thursday, December 25, 2008

she responded

hi what you mean after i have send the payment and you are telling me something else..i hope you will not ran away with this i will report you..better ship the item out today before you put yourself in legal problem in new year,,


ok cool.

i hope you report me.

please do so.

after that, try to improve your scam. the bootleg paypal symbol as well as the crazy shipping address gave it away.

Stop emailing me.

I don't like you.

get a life.

haha ^ that was the response.

also - actions speak louder than words.
If you read between the lines of this blog...consider what I do NOT can figure things out.
you can also, however, make a mistake in making an assumption.

but uhhh, feel free to disregard that.

im so hyped for a couple of things right now.
extraordinary things indeed. shorties know wussup. hahhahah

Juggernaut...hit me up mannnnnnnn.

scramble UP!

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