Monday, December 15, 2008

is there anyway to record xbox live footage and post on the internet?
if anyone knows...please let me know.

to mr rhymestyle,
ranks dont matter son!
nelly sold more units than lupe - you see - skills dont always match up with ranks...then again...skills differ from perspectives - where one may find skill in lyricism - the other may find skill in a complete different field -
underneath it all is the game.
whatever game it is.

^ that whole lil 'paragraph' i typed could have certainly used better grammar and it coulda been more like...informative? yeah - less ambiguous? yeah - but
i dont care

i dont care for many things.

i do care for those who are able to realize that ranks don't equal skill. think about it.

oh yeah -- i let you win with t. hawk.
i dont care for t. hawk and i accidentally picked him.

your cammy is no match for my ken, though. ^_^

lllll no. not yet lol.


maybe if you woulda hit me up during electro rock volume 1 days...maybe...maybe i would check out your corny beats.
you little sap suckassssssssssssss

^ that lil section was pretty rude. using the term 'sap scukassssssss' that is, if that is considered a pretty much more effective than just saying 'YOU SUCK'...
but labeling the beats 'corny' shows shows that i listened to them. that doesn't add up.
saying 'maybe i would check out your.." means that they weren't checked out.
calling something corny without checking is pure ignorance...or...wrecklessness...or both.
who cares?
i dont.


yeah i'm still saving up for that music video. pssst.

Untitled from Battle Toad on Vimeo.


JPlezzur said...

the only way i know you can post game footage is to go through the whole machinima process. theres a whole lot of videos on youtube, depending on the specific game you wanna capture

hope it helps

JPlezzur said...

p.s i think you can use a Dazzle cable and Pinnacle studio to capture it, and if you gotta Mac, iMovie is good for editing


Corey said...

I would suggest that to capture video. My friend has it and it is relatively simple to use.

Also...I'm broke but I want SFIIHD :\

Rhymestyle said...

Still waiting on that Round 3... good strategy with Ken, but u aint invincible

Rhymestyle said...

and as for recording matches, uhhh not sure but I found this (I didnt watch it tho)

tha_carter said...

so which one of those girls u write that ithinki for?