Thursday, December 18, 2008

hold on...what are the odds?

"i'm just trying to try on my triumvir" - Turbo - 5 Minutes Part 5

I definitely didn't know about the 'beef' -
wussup Julia V.???

(for those who don't know what i'm talking about...look in the top left corner...very faint letters...)

I don't support that comment. Lupe a GENIUS. stop the hate.


DFresh said...

i dont even think some people within the company support that statement. and why so faint? someone scared?

CHillZ said...

damn ... that was a serious attempt to be slick ... good eye dude

Rhymestyle said...

AY!!! me and propaYne discovered that

Its crazy that no one seen it until now cuz this pic was released back in March

JNolanIsCool said...

Pretty blatant haterism(definitely not a word). lol

Anonymous said...

That's just cause Lupe has the "Fall Of Rome" clothing line