Tuesday, December 23, 2008

HOLD ON, I didn't sell it...!!!

to help you (the reader) out, check out what happened. This is from one of my email addresses.
The italicized text is the "buyer"

Straight up copy and pasted:

Is the item still up for sale?

yes it is

Hi Toad,
Thanks for the mail...i was introduced to this site by a friend at work
and i will like immediate purchase of this item for my Niece 'Bella' who is
away of the state and been requesting for this item...i will offer you *** including the shipping charges to her.. there because she is in need of it as a matter of urgency and due to
my work i don't have time to handle the shipping..i will want you to help me
handle the shipping very well to her..Get back to me with your confirmed
PayPal email address so that i can send the payment..
Get back to me asap...

Indeed!The earliest that I can have it shipped, however, is tomorrow.I have to be at work all day today and yeah....is this ok? also - can you please provide me with shipping information. My paypal email is *****

Hi toad,
i just want to tell you that i have send the fund to your
paypal account and i have been notify by paypal which i hope they
would have notify you also..i sent ****..kindly get the item wrap very
well for my niece bella..
Get back soon as you do that..


ok so as an ENGLISH....MAJOR...I was really studying this woman's word positioning. It didn't seem right....
Though there are people out there who do not understand proper grammar....the way she typed was just a little...odd...failure to capitalize my name again and ....idk..something was fishy.

So I called Paypal after finding out that "paypal" emailed me and said that I have to send the package as they hold the money to avoid scams and what not....they provided me with a confirmation number and everything...I'm like....hold on...
I've received money through paypal a couple of times....this doesn't seem right....

so here is the email i sent to ANNA.
hopefully she responds:

ok.i just sent off the item and i hope you get it in time.nah, just kidding. im not an idiot.you and your neice bella are morons. i am forwarding your scam to spoof@paypal.com
good try..dummy.


Anonymous said...

This person is from overseas. I used to get them from Nigeria!

DFresh said...

hhahaha. burned that trick.

propayne93 said...


caTHY said...

Haha are you kidding? Tell me why the same thing happened to me with this lady who wanted me to ship a PSP to nigeria for her son? Lol. I broke off the deal.
Merry Xmas!