Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I haven't been able to post here in a day or so boecause of some business that needs to be taken care of..
sorry for the delay.
business never personal. ^_^

Also -
I was thinking of making a diss record towards all of the other up and coming artists and call it "Bully Double"
should i do it?

that would be kinda dope. but it could ruin collaboration opportunities.
but i dont really collab.
idk- maybe that would just be rude. i just need some more inspiration and being mean/rude and insulting can be run.

How about "Insulting Double" ?

nah but...
i did a genuine freestyle session in the booth.
like, a REAL freestyle session and i should be posting it soon enough...

but anyways - lotttta stuff to take care of.
scramble UP!

ps: What's good with the ElectroRockv3 disc 3 reviews???
(shaking my head)



propayne93 said...

yeah diss me, idc

but ur in for it jus so ya kno LOL

BTW yo turbo if u ever want a collab son im here fosho i kno u dnt really collab but if u ever change ya mind homie jus hit me up its wateva

stay scramblin

otaku out...

TS said...

Real deal, I gotta see the freestyle session...But about insulting up and coming rappers, you've done that b4 in Metal Double...basically lol. But chea sonnn, I REALLY would like to hear a collab of you and PropaYne, reeeeeeeal deeeeeal!

scramble ^

CHiiLL said...

Bully Double sound better
U should make it happen

Turbo said...

i just had a better idea earlier today ...ill post that when its time