Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Light Heart (snippet)

..ive been trying to decide if this song should even be put on v3.
it's called lightheart. now, ever since i heard of Charles Hamilton, I became kind of reluctant to release this song due to his connection to Sonic the Hedgehog.
The thing is -
Sonic was the very first game that I was seriously hooked on. My Sega. I remember the long hours playing like it was yesterday. ridiculous.
one of the games where I used the original TURBO controller. Sonic = Super Speed = Turbo.
no joke...so yeah.
I want you, the reader, to understand that I have proof that I have sampled Sonic even during the early early early stages of my music career. I have songs with the beats that I made. Punchlines involving Sonic that I wrote. t-shirts with Sonic spray painted annnnnddd a white hoody with Knuckles spray painted on it...IN PINK...and on the back it says "WHATS REALLY GOOD???"
this was back in my serious Cam'ron days.....but yeah. lol
this is not to take anything away from what Mr. Hamilton is doing, at all.
I RESPECT that someone recognizes how important SONIC is. real talk.
I have the clothing, beats, etc. to prove if ever it comes down to that.
but who cares anyway? i know no one copied me. Sonic is a public figure.
Besides...i'm nobody in the industry...
lightheart snippet


Doucet said...

I am legend talkin to manikinsslkgndlkjdgsnadgjkdgjkdgsnodgsjbdasogadsnodagkonadgkogld'



Isaac.. said...

release it...your doper than charles hamilton..lol...fareal tho