Monday, August 11, 2008

Turbo vs. Blactain America

This is not the EPIC fail story. This is just a story.
The day following my performance at EVO, I really needed to take my mind off the many things that were bothering me. Video games tend to do the trick.
So check... I receive a phone call from one of my connects who apparently has a challenge for me. There was some guy in the area named Blactain America from the MMC (Marvel Murder Crew) who was apparently demolishing every living soul on Tekken 6 in the NY NY arcade.. that last sentence. I said Tekken SIX. That game hasn't even came out yet..I mean, at least I didn't think so.
So anyways, I arrive at the arcade wearing the EVO shirt that the good ppl at the event gave to me.
( Everyone at EVO were pretty much the coolest people ever and I will elaborate on this in another story)
When we make it up to the machine, Blactain America, a few members of his crew, my connect and his girlfriend were already gathered around watching him beat the living daylights out of people. He used RAVEN of all people.
But I'm not gonna even front...Raven is good.
Why was I called to play this guy? I am merely a CASUAL gamer who would get beat by any serious gamer. But don't get it twisted, I can probably merk you (whoever is reading this) at Tekken or Street Fighter... ^_^

Nah but, this Blactain America dude was apparently at EVO on saturday night and he knew someone who knew someone (my connect) who knew me....
Usually I hate to make special trips just for a challenge, but, NY NY was literally right next to where I was when I got the call......
But check -
the game costs $3.00 to can see the price on the machine if you look closely.
Here is the full footage. It starts immediately after I press start and the "new challenger" title comes up on the screen.
Notice how fast dude picks his guy. He is sure of himself and experienced. He is also a bully.
Notice how many ppl are on this game!!!! Bananas!!! (pause)
But yeah - enjoy..


Doucet said...

Lmfao, I'm mad that I didn't get to see what blactain had to say.

Life Between The Lines said...

Wow he got served something serious after that first round.