Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Hamiltonization Process

I am gonna have an EP with JUST instrumentals. Feel free to jump on them. I might turn around and make a project with the hottest songs... you don't have to be a signed artist for that either. Turbo, that means you too. lol Just wanted to put that out there. Shouts to the underground heatmakers. Dilla, Madlib, Quasi (tho the last two are the same person), MF, Georgia, Pete Rock, awwllll yawwllll... lol

Back at it...
~~Charles Hamilton~~

check that young email though..real deal.
*picks up a machete, waits for instrumentals*

1 comment:

Doucet said...

hell the fuck yeah man. that's great, haha. I'm just gonna hope you don't slaughter the tracks I get on, haha, at least not significantly more than I do.

haha, post it up here when he puts it up. im too lazy to check both'a ya'll blogs daily.