Wednesday, August 13, 2008

to anybody reading this post who does not want me to go back into the vicious state of mind that allows me to essentially destroy any and everything on the track..
let's hope that i do NOT get ahold of that Windows Media Player instrumental...
it has the same deadly attraction that 'A milli' had when I first heard it.

After every rapper pretty much had their way with the A milli beat, I didn't think it would make any sense for me to 'rap' over it.
what's the point of standing over a dead animal while firing a machine gun?
the thing is this.
as long as i remain 'unheard of' and as long as i do not receive respect from artists who i respect - - basically - - as long as you shoot the incredible hulk with a pistol - -
the more vicious and the more deadly i become on records.
if i were to receive the previously stated things, please be sure that I would NOT become less ridiculous on records...instead...a new channel, a new shift in energy would occur that will basically encourage inspiration in another, possibly more incredible, state of solidified dopeness.
you know how on movies when the leader of crime or whatever tells his men/women to bring back so and so ....alive!!..??
well - that's what's taking place here.
bring back that WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER instrumental and send it to ^_^
and yeah..
I guarantee a vicious record that could possibly be put on ElectroRockv3: Verses Versus Voltage.
Time is wasting.

here is the song which is good.

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