Monday, August 18, 2008

Ultra Double it is, then.

looks like i get to record tomorrow afternoon.
like i mentioned earlier, the title of the track may change.
the change, however, may just be a mere additional word that can, excuse me, that WILL add another, more subtle, message that may, excuse me, that HAS been created to penetrate the very nervous system of the critical thinker.
if the message HAS already been created, then, doesn't that mean that the word HAS ALREADY been added? not see, the word as of right now could just be invisible...that is, invisible to the naked eye.
To one who listens intently, however, the message could be as clear as day, that is, only if the listener has trained his/her mind to excuse, or rather, clear the surrounding pollution that may be found commonplace in the listener's environment.
I use the phrase 'clear as day' rather loosely considering that the song cannot actually be seen with the physical least, many people may find it difficult to do so.
you know the NERD album Seeing Sounds?
That isn't just some gimmick. The ability to SEE SOUNDS actually DOES exist and as crazy as it may is
which reminds me.
time to sleep - nuff of dat tryna sound andtellagent.
you're now in tune with the reeeaallllll deeeallllll.

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