Saturday, August 30, 2008


So much has been going on as of late.
Nothing much regarding music. I received a few emails asking "what was next" as far as this music thing goes.
To answer that question, all I can really do is refer you to the last song on Disc 3 of ERV3...

Though it may be impossible for me to run out of ideas for I said in "Infinity Double"..."I declare it is imperative that ya'll CHERISH this because I'm feeling really UNAPPRECIATED."

Like Andre 3000 said.. "Tonight we'll make the prettiest song that no one will ever hear".
Real talk.

This isn't even complaining either.
Joe Budden was like "They call it complaining, I call it explaining"
enough with the quotes.
But yeah - I haven't forgot about the lil freestyles.
I did them just to prove to a certain few, as well as myself, that I CAN freestyle.
I would go on to say that I could probablly freestyle better than the writtens of at least 2 rappers...
lemme stop.

Anyways -
what I did forget was to provide a detailed story concerning that lil performance situation.
but that's old now, right?
yeah. no one cares.
i have some spare footage from THAT vegas trip though. that was like the PRE vegas trip in preparation for the TSST vegas trip in late September.
yes yes.

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Anonymous said...

Don't quit your passion even when the going gets tough.