Saturday, August 23, 2008

Regarding disc3

this disc is for you.
whoever is reading this.
there is a song on here called "ideed it".
it is my most lyrical song ever...ever!!
it took me 3 months to make to get it jusssst right.
track number 3 is called PURPLE EXHAUST....
before anyone asks...again...NO
i do NOT do drugs..

what else? oh...this disc will be made available on the 24th in West Coast time and I would appreciate it if you could repost the download link, that is, whenever the download link is posted...
If you do, let me know.
will not be on this
But whatever...many ppl still don't even understand DUMB DOUBLE.
if you can't get that song then....Ultra Double will most likely fly waayyyyy over your head.
quinton jackson meets ralph, george, and lizzie....???

yeah -
so anyways, look out for that post later on.
About to leave but I'll brb with that young link. PAUSE!
scramble UP


2che said...

Lol Im da best mane I deed it.. But for real why arent u putting ultra double on that... I gotta admit I only heard it once so I dont get the deeper meaning that u say it has yet, but seriously u made alot of cool referrences (did i spell that right?)... So even if ppl dont get it u should atleast add it for the sick rhymes over the sick beat... u kno?

Internet Goon a.k.a Mr Dot Dot Dot said...

"ideed it"

wow that must be great...eli porter must be happy...

Isaac.. said...

rampage such a sick game...

dont know much bout the fighter tho...

Anonymous said...

I google lyrics I dont catch right away it makes it that much more interesting i need Ultra Double on a Disc asap!