Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the scramble is stupid right now.
i gotta release alot of stuff to even begin to start releasing the dopeness.
please realize that the last couple of videos that you all have seen, violin, dog, battling, skateboard, late night on the town, etc.

all of that was on one day. lol
i dont record everything but i just recorded most of the day. it was the first time i began to use my camera.

but in addition to that footage i have some more dopeness that is being created.
I sent over something to SAYLEN and I plan to post his response ... If it isn't the response I was looking for then I know what needs to be done as far as elevating the dopeness meter.
In all reality, though, it will be good music.
as far as that little riddle, someone will figure it out. if you just...idk.
someone has to.
if not, i'll post the answer when the actual...ummm...'thing' is released.

yes indeed.
not much time but tonight ill probably upload the final part of that 3 way battle just because.

i know there are alot of readers out there though only 7 of you post comments.
smh smh smh

nah but its all good.
let get get get get get get get get get get get get get get get it!!!!!

oh and DZ, ima call your phone in 9 hours


dena.DUHH said...

That must have been a busy day haha.

Get it!

Anonymous said...


Adara said...

Wow, you're definetly a scrambler! Keep doin' your thing!