Thursday, January 22, 2009

i recorded the other day.


but - i no longer have my old editing program since i switched to a mac.
now i have this logic pro 8 and uhhh

my - is it difficult to understand.

whatever - the songs are tough though.
you'll see...

before releasing any of that stuff though i have to develop this other skill.

saw this one movie.
it was rather notoriously inspirational.
it represented for my religion like 3 times in there. ^_^

dont ask what that means.
matter fact, dont ask what anything means unless you really need to know.


big things poppin...oh yes yes, indeed.

oh another thing...

someone was watching tv when i was at this one place the other day and i was like !!!

i dont watch these types of movies but was ...disturbing. i saw the very end.
thats it.
it was called hostel 2.

gross stuff man.
did NOT need to see that...and ill probably never forget...well...i hope i do


JPlezzur said...

if you think hostel 2 was bad, watch the 1st 1. Scalded eyes get cut out of there sockets with dirty blunt surgical scissors......SCISSORS!! and she was japanese!!! 1 eyed, half-burnt japanese girls.. thats disturbing

Turbo said...

gross, cant watch that type of stuff lol