Wednesday, January 28, 2009


ive been slippin on emails. i'ma post some though.
non fiction.
im slippin!

I found your music through a friend, and the first
> thing I should say is I've listened to a
> lot of music in the past couple of years and I have never
> listened to anything like yours. To me, it goes above and
> beyond most hip hop and rap that is being produced these
> days. You put so much thought and wisdom into your music
> that is way beyond your years and I just can't get
> enough of it.
> With that said, you've really been an
> inspiration to me. I'm a shy girl who doesn't like
> to say much, and writing is my only outlet. There's so
> many other interests that I have, but I've never ever
> followed through on them because they involved getting out
> into the public eye, where everything is exposed. Music is
> one of those interests. I played the trumpet for 7 years in
> band, but I always ended up second chair because I was
> terrified of playing solos. What if I made a mistake or my
> playing was off? Everyone in the audience would notice and I
> would never live it down. So I ended up quitting.
> Now I've taken an interest in making beats, and
> after reading your blog and listening to your music, I
> realize that if I want to be heard, I'm going to go
> through a lot of ups and downs. It's part of the
> buisness. But there's no way that I can actually live
> the experience if I don't do something about it. You
> fearlessly put out mixtapes, knowing that there was a slim
> chance that you would be heard and recognized, and knowing
> that you would most likely get some criticism along the
> way. Now I know that my chance of getting heard is slim,
> but I'll never know until I try, and if I don't then
> all I'll be wondering is 'What if.....?' I'm
> ready to get rid of hollow shell of fear and finally do
> something that I want to do without worrying about the
> negativity that may surround my music. I'm planning on
> making a music myspace and a blog to get started, and
> I'll see where it goes from there.
> I know I'm not going to get good in a day, but
> I'm going to keep working at this (for once in my life)
> and someday I'll get good enough. I'm sorry for the
> essay, I just want to say thank you for helping me realize
> this and for helping me become a stronger person. You touch
> a lot of people through your music, and I'm proud to
> say I'm one of them. Keep doing what you're doing,
> man.
> Thanks,
> Adara


Sophanna said...

go T Double...Tony Dungy!! your my like a music sense. Non fiction homie. Do your thing Adara!!

Anonymous said...

T. double - WHY ARENT U SIGNED!!!!!!!!!?????????????

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Adara! We feel you!

JulianTheKidd said...

Thats how I was feelin. But I realized that if your good like me then people will hate and try to keep you down before try to help or spread love. You inspire me Adara.

Stay up and grind it out...and most C.H. told me, Believe in yourself.

P.S. - everybody click my name and check out my YouTube with a Gears Of War Beat!

- Julian B.K.By Turbo Fans.A. Juliuz McFly

Nick said...

Thanks for sharing this, Turbo. It's always good that more people are putting their talent out in the open.

And congratulations, Adara!

Adara said...

Hey, thanks for putting this up Turbo and sharing my story with everyone. I'm happy to say that I've got a Myspace going and I'm still working at it, just like I said I would!

dena.DUHH said...

I'm glad to see the positive influence, do your thing Adara!