Monday, January 12, 2009


school is in effect again. like, ridiculous this time around....ridiculous.
posted in the back of the class with the macbook pro on deck, ideas...they arrive...
it's crazy.

and, I wish I could 100% effectively express my 'artistic visions' -
we would need some motion picture Iron Man/Spiderman Antwone Fisher Donnie Darko type of stuff going on though...haha

The intro to the next and possibly final mixtape is lovely.
I listen to the instrumental on repeat.

The next video that I release through Youtube may be the continuation of that little '3 way battle'

After that, probably part 3 of 3 of that little battle though there is enough footage for like 5 of them.
we a zone.


After that, there are 2 cuts, 1 in particular that needs to be released as a means to...develop/experiment.

you'll see.

A previous post actually hinted towards this song.
"H.D." is the name of it..... ^_^

the title is not exactly H.D. but those letters stand for something else.

Music Video - I have one in mind.
But I really want to cast some characters. The video is already done in my brain. Just need the right... people.
I also need to buy a tripod.
Who got 5 on it.

(here I could go into a vent talking about the thousands, yes, thousands of downloads received ....and the donations remain in the single digit...but I won't...big ups to the donors though. YEAH MANNNN)


let me know....
I have a certain song in mind that is

making the impossible possible. That's it!
full time work + school + music seems like alot....but really...
it is alot.


ps: they won't learn till it's their turn.


Isaac said...

"The Realest Song I Ever wrote" for the next video would be sick...

peanut said...

bird's eye view is a great song and would be a cool video. but do whatever you have in your head, i know it'll be nice!

Fuze said...

Man its a throw back but every since i heard the song you did or ye's impossible i've imagined a music video. could your post be hinting at this?

anyway small kid pwn'd dude who is "incredibly rip'd like a tomb stone"

Sophanna said...

T1ME..Lovestruck. or little blue backpack A video for all!! ..that would be dope.

Sean said...

"It Goes Down"

Adara said...

I think it's between Realest Song I Ever Wrote or Inclement...those are two of my favorites. Actually, Jackie was a sweet song too, as I listened to that one I actually played it out in my head...that would be cool to watch.

dena.DUHH said...

T1ME, Little Blue Backpack, Realest Song I Ever Wrote or Drug Store would be cool to see played out I think.

Adara said...

...oh crap, I meant Tiffany, not the names mixed up lol!

SiNo said...

I would go old school and make a video for 'the girl'
that song is very specific, hence more imagery.

Turbo said...

ok no doubt...any other suggestions?

Anonymous said...

TSST Cribs! (not for a music video, but for fun.)
P.S. wish that cypher would get 1500 views already.

Anonymous said...

^^^ If you mean like the TV show "Cribs", i don't think Turbo is going to show us his house. The Lightheart vid might be the closest we'll get. LOL, at his closet with nothing in it but a box of shoes. I know it's symbolic for something though.

Anonymous said...

G.A.S / Drug Store / My Bad

JNolanIsCool said...

InfinityDouble, Ozone, Turbo2099...countless others as well but I'm sure you've got a pretty good idea swirling around already.

Anonymous said...

I think a video for The Girl or The Boy would be really cool

Mitul (Pantherzfan201) said...

Ozone, Jackie, Drugstore(the acting would be really easy cause of the lyrics) and definitely Realest Song I Ever Wrote.