Wednesday, January 14, 2009


it certainly feels weird typing lyrics.
here are the lyrics to 'light heart'

"My drive is like the ambulance so pull over when I'm scrambling
With no discussion or questions I'm answering
My side is bright like the antonym of Anakin's and
I am Legend, talking to these mannequins since
they strive for nice clothing although their skull computer
doesn't hold programs
I strive for light to glow like the sol in the sky
so I scramble upload them.
I showed so they know what I say is clear
I glow like the soles on L.A. Gear
I gleam when I spit I speak to glow
like the Soul on the flick with Jaffe Joe and Hakeem
Perfume is in me wordplay
suppose this is from Roses on the flo
yo, I'ma do me and you can do you
see I'm fine like Caroline....ya'll boo boo.

*Bright like a star, light heart is a art*

so nevermind a clever line if ever I
confuse you, cause I'm aware that they don't really feel me
but they know I'm in the air, I'm like bluetooth
Except I'm never frost bitten to the spittin
my flaws have thawed so this bar isn't far from the jaws of Jaws
I think with the force of a Porshe not a hoopty
goofy dudes is like Jar Jar Binks...
cause they don't use the force, it seems they just talk
with their tongue hanging out their mouth like M.J. when he jump-man
they say they've got a fly swag, but, it's like I'm walking on the moon
I resume in the mind state of a space station, stationed in this space
I jam in the basement.
But I ain't tryna ball but I'm off the bench so on the track my back's "Off The Wall".

*Bright like a star, light heart is a art*

this one's for ya'll, this one's for them
from the top of the fitted to the bottom of the Tims, but
I don't really wear Tims cause I stay in Cali where it's too hot for that
I'm too hot for RAP, take out the 'R' put in a 'H'
take out the 'A' put in a 'I-HOP' at the end of it
this isn't artificial, no this is intelligence.
let me get my Osment on, see, I'm now talking with sense- and
I don't know if I should even go on, hence, that's why I'm sitting on the fence where
the dumb and the intellect pass and I eat emcees for breakfast, so
everything that I make will vary while they stay sweet like pancakes and berries...

*Bright like a star, light heart is a art*"


Anonymous said...

fine like caroline...hahaha i just got it haha i love outkast

Anonymous said...

I caught the Michael Jordan/Michael Jackson refernces back when you released this on V3. Still killa though! Now I'm going to lookup the Osment line. This song is defintely art. "my flaws have thawed..." Man you straight killed that line. Scramble up!

Jayn Doe said...

genius spittage.

sorry to hear your next mixtape might be the last, but you're not leaving forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Okay, got the Osment "talking with sense" line! This is fun!
I, or should I say, VOICE, just posted a freestyle on the shoutbox. What do you think?

Fuze said...

hopefully by last mixtape you mean you're working on an album

JNolanIsCool said...

"Just let your soul glowwww"
*Curl looking boy* haha
Can't go wrong Coming to America. lol