Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lupe Fiasco aka Percival Fats...?

2 tracks

1st is called Heirplanes

2nd is called Army

Japanese Cartoon.

is this really Lupe?
Pretty cool...interesting..


i like it.


DFresh said...

sounds a lot like Lupe, but i dont think it is....that accent is too real.

Isaac said...

theres also 1 more track called.....prodigy, iTHINK

Anonymous said...

Percival has said that he is not Lupe... but damn if they don't sound quite similar! Come on Turbo... you can hear it on Heirplanes can't you? Lu's voice signature is all over the vocals. HE CAN'T HIDE IT EVEN IF HE WANTS TO. You know what I mean, like the way he says"Heirplanes flying under the ground/Fireworks that don't make a sounnnndd". If you're a keen listener you can hear Lu, because you've heard him sound exactly like that before. Everyone's vocal chords make a distinct sound that solely belongs to them, because of the mannerisms with which they express themselves. It reminds me of "Superstar" when he goes "Ha ha, haha haaaa, haa". It's like Pardon me for overexplaining. I only did that for those who might not understand. And maybe I've got too much energy at 8 in the morning...LOL!

Rhymestyle said...

I got that Brooklyn Girls instrumental too now... you want??

and as for JC... thats def him