Monday, June 15, 2009


For all of the condolences.
On saturday I graduated college.
Once I get my one and only gift (I didn't get any graduation gifts smh)
I plan to really scramble UP in the process...
man I have a Vision.
real deal.
Now the real work begins - not necessarily charging for music (yet, perhaps)- but - elevating music and other things to another level to a quality PRODUCT perhaps to work under an actual COMPANY - as the overseer of a subdivision of excellence.
Some may believe that what I'm saying is mere nonsense. That it may be impossible.
But, that's the point man. To scramble isn't to strive for mediocracy. It is the strive for utter viciousness. PRETTY MUCH.
Scramble doesn't mean to fill up this message with ridiculous (in a bad way) questions concerning who I MIGHT be working with or what MAY be going to happen. It does not include attempting too hard to appear to be a genius, nor does it include ruining any rare opportunities with unnecessary egotism, undeniably distasteful lying, annoyingly immature remarks, or any other foolishness (in a bad way)
Man the scramble doesn't include deceptive rhetorical questions nor does it include essentially worshipping any (male or female) celebrities. It doesn't include answering any person's instant messages in a way that makes that person feel as though their ideas are not good enough. Neutrality is key. No response is better than a bad response. It is only when the absence of that response is taken as disrespect can there be a situation (in a bad way) but yeah...
I know that last sentence wasn't grammatical at all. Not really. You know the "in a bad way" thing - don't copy it man.
I was at the car dealership the other day looking at this Porsche. It was this one actually.

Porsche Cayman:

The man was listing the specs and I told him "That's ridiculoussssssss"
The word ridiculous in this context means "very good, cool, awesome, amazing" but the guy didn't know that so I had to tell him, ridiculous in a good way.

The other night this girl was all like - "how do you like my dress?" I was like man that's stooooopid. in a good way.
See what I mean?


All in all, the scramble isn't for everyone.
But check this out.

it has got to be a hot summer.

^ that wasn't a hint. When I play the guessing game, I will tell you that I am playing the guessing game. I simply bolded the words Hot Summer to signify the importance of the hotness.
The word Summer, however, can act as foreshadow, perhaps. No tolerance for ambiguity? Just chill....out...calm..down.
Again, not a hint.
Let's get get get get get it

man another thing.
when you make ASSumptions you make an ASS out of yourself. No disrespect to donkeys.


Jayn Doe said...

big congratulations to you turbo. keep striving upwards.

one love.

Anonymous said...

'you can do it!'

Patrick Taliaferro said...

You know what, you're exactly right. Everything you said makes perfect sense. Congradulations man. Keep scramblin.

Ziggy said...

I prefer "Never assume, its makes an ass out U and me" but congrats on graduating man. I really hope you achieve whatever you desire.

JPlezzur said...

i couldnt have been the only reader to see the jabs there??

lol dayyyyymm

i can understand the fallout


dena.DUHH said...

Congrats! Now it's time for the big things to start happening...good luck!

Jminz said...

congrats mayn.....but on another note so u got beef wid CH wat happened mayn for u guys where koolio

Jminz said...

ooooo i jus read through it agen xD CH aint responded to you cause u sed after blatenly pointing out things CH does in his blogs lol u said that No response is better than a bad response. It is only when the absence of that response is taken as disrespect can there be a im guessin he takin the mic mac

JNolanIsCool said...

That's whatsup man! Its always good to see improvements in the scramble. And the unnamed perpetrator is definitely not scramblin' these days! lol

JPlezzur said...

This one is to JMinz (the only 1 who seems to want to discuss the beef) so here's my theory:

CH saw Holographic Double and if you know a little about his character, he's gonna say something about it (most likely negative) and the homie T here lost all forms of respect when contacting this guy about the situation

Its a shame really, CH seems to be pushing away more and more fans with his attitude and alot of 'failures' (if i may) this year. Also DemolitionDouble and Ultra Windows Media Slayer were dope!! Was looking forward to more collabos of that sort

Jminz said...

hmmmmm it culd b....but i haven't saw any response on CH's blog about holographic double and CH is a person that makes thing publically known (beef that is) or hint turbo must of asked him something and he jus ignored it because of his big ego. Tripz up

JPlezzur said...

indeed, that to is quite possible my J friend, but notice how he doesnt post beefs on his blog unless the artists have a higher reputation than him, MCs with more notches on their belts

no offence and utmost respects to Turbo, but CH aint gonna acknowledge him just yet because of his fairly unknown status on a global level n not being unsigned (dont know why though!).


Jminz said...

true but that vid was over most of the biggest hip-hop websites...i dnt think chuck would contact turbz directly...or will he...come on turbo help us out here lol