Sunday, June 21, 2009


Hey you rhyme well .. I need your help with some music I do .. I will pay you $300 to help me rhyme, I produce beats and I know how to Rap to my beat .. but it don't RHYME, I need help there.

You should already have your prices and stuff together so send me the info I need to KNOW on how you do business.

Thanks (I happy you did that video, even though it was just for fun, I see you gat skills, whoever wrote those lyrics gat skills, you was flowing right, it was all on time)


If you are reading this... save your $300. You do not want to give me that money, trust me. I would write some of the worst lyrics for you, take your money, and then I would feel guilty after a while.
My advice for you is to just practice.
I had to post this email publicly because it was unbelievable. I didn't post your name though so you shouldn't be upset or embarrassed.
Take care sir/ma'am.

Ps: If you do not care if I will not put the effort that I put into my music into yours and you have a paypal account and are willing to risk losing money to an unsigned rookie of an artist, email me again.

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Blake said...

and thats real haha