Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random fact

Sam McWhorter, aka my Grandfather, produced this song:

Sam’s wide range of talents starts in the 60’s as one of Gold Stars Re-
cording Studio’s golden boys, where such great music icons as Leon Rus-
sell, Glen Campbell, Dr. John and Jim Keltner had their early beginnings.
Sam was Jackie DeShannon's “Put a little love in your heart” producer
and keyboardist winning him a gold and platinum record. He has also
worked with Electric Light Orchestra, Donovan, Little Richard and a host
of other talented and gifted artists. He is a recording producer, engineer,
composer, writer and musician who is highly admired by the music indus-
try. His musical talents can be heard on many gold and platinum recordings.


Doucet said...

HAHA, that's VICIOUS. You should sample the mess outta this track.

Anonymous said...


yung reezey said...

thats crazy cuz ima a big electro light orchastra fan here is the news is crazy as well as the birthday never would of thought there was a connection between one of my fav rappers and elo