Wednesday, June 3, 2009

7 days

You can count.

I humbly approach the keyboard. You know, I was reading some of my previous posts and I noticed how I'm not even practicing the grammatical and analytical skills in which I have diligently developed and continuously practiced throughout the ridiculous time spent in classrooms which were oftentimes full of students who also knew the importance of excelling, that is, excelling in the sense advocated by many if not all of the schools I have attended within the California public school system. Though the promotion of academic excellence is oftentimes ignored, I was one of the ones who actually listened. I'd like to think that it is because of the close attention in which I strived to manifest in each and every class that has allowed me to not only graduate early but also earn the Dean's List status.
It is because of those lectures in which I was not trying to hear. Yes, it is because of those brief periods of much needed rest in which empowered my spirit to build up the courage to almost effortlessly conquer each and every english oriented course without the slightest feelings of apprehension.


all of that was to show you how to write a passage that includes intense irony yet contains true messages. Idk. It's this little experiment that I am trying out. Has nothing to do with music but look -
the 'humility' claimed is crossed out by the self righteous tone and the whole section about falling asleep in class contributes to the irony because of how studious and focused the reader claims to be.

it's 2 am.
that's the excuse.


jminz said...

its 2am in the morning pressing my alarm again stressing over my mom and friends sometimes i wish i was in a coma


sorry you said 2am i just couldn't stop myself.


Anonymous said...

At 2am, I'm cleaning up at my job. Sometimes listening to Electro Rock or Lightbulb Level to get through the night.