Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Turbo, that was a thought provoking entry that you just posted if I may say so myself.  As an armored assistant and ally, it is infinitely interesting in all aspects to take in insight.
Have you noticed the ShoutBox to the left of the page?
What you told me about the Demolition Double situation appears to be coming true, to an extent. Hopefully not every Anakin becomes a Darth Vader.

Also, upon reading your previous entry, I thought it would be a cherry on top to post this song in which you recently received regarding a record relative to ....well, Double, just listen:


Turbo said...

i feel you, pause.

Anonymous said...

thats a good song, pause.

Anonymous said...

whose song is dat? shit sounded lik a fake ass yeezy lmao

Julian Malown said...

its my song...i see what u mean by the whole cherry on top...but its not...really...its not lol.

good try tho S.Trooper (if that was you)...its not a fake Yeezy tho to Mr.Annonymous lmao, even tho me and Ye both from chicago and I'm singin on auto-tune...I'm not trying to be like him...if you listened to it without the thought of kanye singing you'd probably love it and think it was the best thing you heard from a rapper.

I made the beat from the inspiraion the sample gave a singin vibe from it no bitin ish...i wrote the song as a *R&B* joint....tried to sing it and noticed some mess-ups in my high notes so I put auto-tune (T-Pain effect) on it at the last minute.

p.s.- thanks for gettin the zshare at 43 hits...seriously :), on youtube is at 174, on myspace its in the 20s, but why didnt u post the ever so unoriginal concept mixtape at 112 hits i sent with that?


nah lets stop, nomore issues man, im done with it.

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