Sunday, March 8, 2009


I am Armor the Armored Assistant.
S.Trooper and I are 2 of the new contributors to this blog.
(S.Trooper...we all know who that really is ^_^)
It is my pleasure to be a part of this wonderful blog.
I look forward to both reading your comments and indulging in intelligent interaction. internally.

^ one of my favorite pieces of fine art.  I like to listen.

a little bit about me:

My real name is not Armor, however, it is a nickname that was provided for me in class.  Some would say that I am intelligently indestructible considering that I have the ability to read between the lines, so to speak.  This ability has made it difficult for he who practices practical pranks on people. If you will.

I 'work' closely with Turbo.  I am commonly found using the Turbo2k5 screen name.
Though I 'work' with Turbo, it is beneficial for you, the interested reader, to understand that I am not necessarily physically in the same place as Turbo...for the most part.  

A brief explanation as to what I am trying to say...hmmm...
How about this...Since this is Turbo's blog and I am sure that he either will not mind me telling or has already told 'you' this bit of information (since he asked me to contribute to the blog) I will ask you to keep in mind that he is, at times, highly impersonal.  So impersonal to the point where he essentially creates virtual identities to detach himself not necessarily from the public, but from the responsibility of answering for his actively 'absurd' disrespect, Double.

Gee, how's that for my first post? XD

May your brains believe the basic belief that I am not 'real'  - it is ok.
For the moment of my realness will be clarified upon closer examination. come none of them have blogs or email accounts? 
Doesn't this make you wonder at all?

**you said that I can type anything ** 

Any who, nice to meet you.
Welcome to the time to come.

In the words of Double, Flash Focus Forms Force!!!!

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JPlezzur said...

Welcome back T.Double AND welcome Armor and S.Trooper lol