Monday, March 9, 2009

Thanks for the Appreciation, says Turbo.

this is a statement from Donny The SUPREME


Hmmm... I really gotta cosign this. CJP sent Turbo's “Dead Cyclone” vid a couple weeks back and I gave it a listen. It was mad catchy. I approved. And being a gamer with a similar experience with Zangief (haven't we all?), I decided to check out Gigaton Punch and a couple others. Then, I clicked that yellow button on his profile that said "Subscribe."

Like CJP mentioned in the post, I get a real Lupe vibe from Turbo - they’re very similar in swag and flow, gamers, blah, and blah. But with that being said, I feel I can appreciate Turbo a little more. Now don’t get me wrong: I LOVE LUPE! You don’t get in my Favorite 5 list by sucking. But let’s just say that I can see my list possibly accepting a 6th member in the near future. Turbo’s current catalog consists of 90+ tracks, I’ve currently listened to 20, and out of that 20, about 16 are memorable. At this rate, I’d say things are looking pretty good for Turbo.

But back to the “appreciation” I mentioned earlier. It’s just something about this guy that sets him apart from all these other unsigned people I like to support. Maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t curse in his raps? I kid you not, this is 100% family-friendly lyricism at its finest. This is HIP HOP I could blast at my momma’s house without having second thoughts or keeping a hand near the volume control just in case. Or maybe it’s the fact that he’s so real? Yeah, I know when dealing with rappers, the word “real” is pretty much meaningless. But when a rapper tells you “there’s no way I can ever be the best rapper alive. Not in the top 10 or 100, but what I think I can do is be in the top ten thousand…” (from Top Ten Thousand), do you have any reason to ever doubt anything else they may ever say again? I don’t think the Jiggaman can do that. You know, thinking back on it, maybe I appreciate Turbo so much because he’s just like you and me? I go to school and a lot of his raps are about school (he’s a scrambling scholar). I game and his whole swag makes gaming seem cooler (to the outsiders). I mean, THE MAN EVEN REFERENCED ALLEN STRANGE!!! I swore I was the only person who remembered that show!!

Well, I don’t want to turn this comment into a full-fledged post, though it clearly already has…. I’ll just wrap it up with a few more points. I don’t want to sound like Turbo’s the Messiah of Hip Hop - he’s not. A few of his lines are kind of rough around the edges, but he has so much more than just potential. As far as I’m concerned, he’s better than anything you’d get turning on your radio or television. Shoot, Turbo is better than HALF of your iPod! You see, he doesn’t dumb down like Cole, it’s his goal to make you think ‘til you link him to your favorites. Speaking of which, why haven’t you? As of this writing, he only has 909 subscribers on YouTube. I’d like to see that number get to at least 5,000. This kid deserves it.

My name is Donny and I approve this message.

thanks mannn


Anonymous said...

That's what up Donny! "He's my favorite/This kid on the mic's not average." My children and i listen to Turbo all the time.

ProVurb said...

First off, I just wanna be a fan real quick. Turbo you are dope. But I hate this whole comparing Turbo or another Artist to another Artist. I've listened to a whole spectrum of hip-hop music and Turbo is like no one. He may be in the same lane as Lupe ( when i say that I mean as in forward progressing Hiphop) but you do not remind me of Lupe. I think your style and your music is just different and so cool. Your not just giving me dope lines and telling me how dope you are. Your tellin me stories and your animated. I only listened to your SF4 tracks on youtube and am in the process of downloading your music now but whenever you get into a subject on a track. You really go in. You go all out. Like at the end of Gigaton punch, real rap when I think of Balrog I hear your voice ( No homo to the tenth power lol). Just keep being you man. Your dope. Peace kid.

Donny The SUPREME said...

Hey Turbo, no need to thank me! I know it sounds mad corny, but I should be thanking you for all this true Hip Hop you've blessed me and my crew's eardrums with. I'm just trying to do whatever I can to help you out!!

And, ProVurb, I hear you on that whole artist comparison thing. But still, I drew that comparison because Lupe was really one of the firsts (or at least bests IMO), to bring "nerdy" things such as video games, anime, and what have you to Hip Hop in years and make it truly hot (check Fort Minor's "Spraypaint and Inkpens" and Kanye's "Touch The Sky," for example). In that sense, Turbo is like Lupe.

When I wrote this lil' Turbo featurette in the very beginning of Feb, I had only been a fan for a little over a week and heard only a fraction of all his stuff. But now, having almost exhausted Turbo in my library since then (read: at least 3 tracks in constant rotation at all times), I can honestly say that T-Double has gone in a different direction than Lupe, or better yet, gone further with his craft. Lupe tells a lot of outstanding stories, but Turbo transforms himself INTO his characters and is the master of the ad-lib. I'm also really feeling his whole intertwining storylines, such Little Blue Backpack/Little Red Lunchbox/Green Raindrops/Purple Exhaust/(are there more?). EXTREMELY CLEVER. Both Lupe and Turbo are excellent MCs, but the comparisons shouldn't go must further than there.

Don't ever change your style up, Turbo.