Friday, May 29, 2009

New Boyz - You're a Jerk

here in Cali, this style is everyyyywhere.
Though I may not rock the skinny jeans, I definitely dig this movement. Scramblin'!!!

I even had my own Jerk song that I never recorded.
Just took down the lyrics, I forgot that there are some foolish swagger jackin rappers here. cough Young Waffle cough. I see you... ^_^

i may just record and release..

in the near future - im gonna post my first 'beat' ??? (not exactly the first, but, the first in a while and the first on the current equipment that I have)'s nowhere near say a DZ, Saylen Strayer, or a Raycee (Vagnum) beat's listenable. I don't think it's even possible to effectively 'rap' over but yeah - It WILL be posted.

The video submissions are hilarious. Armor and I were lol at a few...laughing WITH you, of course.

please believe that I have no malicious intentions for this video.
I saw some of the youtube comments talking about I was gonna flip this and then someone said something about they would do it but they think I would diss them.

good idea but is unnecessary. I truly respect and appreciate those who contribute. real deal.

anyways - a biT long winded - trying to zzzz -


1 comment:

Josh(JCThriller) said...

Im sorry, but that song and the video is wack. (No talent at all) I still dont understand how trash gets signed, feel me? When you gonna see me in street fighter 4? Ima wipe you across the floor!!!