Monday, May 11, 2009


sheeesh, i'm trying to post everyday but you know, scramblin!!!

Armor... thanks.

About the video, I plan to release more information as time goes by. I have to focus on some other stuff for now considering that I do not have the privilege of living off of music.
At the end of the day, financial stability must be attained in order to continue to release audio/visual excellence.

etc. etc.

Though the excellence in which I strive to develop may be mere horse manure to doesn't matter.
horse manure can be used to grow plants.

I downloaded the Cool Kids new mixtape which, like many things that I download, I have yet to listen to all the way through due to time constraints.
The beats are tough though... Pennies? is that what it's called? Vicious.
I don't know much about sports so I have an even greater respect for their numerous references to jerseys and what not. no sarcasm, either.

Purchased's solo album a while back. Been listening to it - New appreciation for him. Purchased MGMT's album. Been listening to it - New appreciation for them.
real deal!

but yeah -

Cam'ron drops tomorrow. A definite purchase.
I'm going to buy it. Loyalty win.

Can't wait for that Lupe Fiasco album. A definite purchase.
It's called We Are Lasers right??
Reminds me of this ^_^

Laser - Turbo

ok, gotta go. peace!


Rhymestyle said...

Just called Lasers, coming out sometime this year now instead of May thanks to the wonderful staff at Atlantic.... smh

Anonymous said...

L A S E R.

peanut said...

Hey Turbo, I'm about to go take a final and I'm amping myself up for it by listening to Finals Week, so good luck to you and your finals and I look forward to more great music from you!

yung reezey said...

Turbo you should definitley purchase that Love the Future by Chester French its definitely dope, im sure you wont be disappointed