Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Graduation Gifts

i graduate in like 2 weeks i think. not sure of the date.
friends and family ask: "What do you want for graduation?"
for those of you who visit this site, I'll answer honestly.

I don't exactly want anything. Being so accustomed to not having anything and having to work to get everything that I want/need makes me feel this way I guess..

If you do not accept that answer, I would say that I want $. I have to pay back the student loan.
Cards/balloons are cool but honestly, there's not much that I can do with a card or helium. I'm sure there is a certain gratitude that people feel when they receive a kind card but honestly, being the cold hearted person that I am, I don't think that is possible for me to truly appreciate a card. I always end up throwing them away. Most of the time due to guilt trips, I have to wait maybe a year or so or until the card becomes damaged or something to get the courage to toss in the trash.

Instead of spending $3.99 on a card, feel free to give me 3 one dollar bills, 3 quarters, 2 dimes, and 4 pennies.

wait - you know what? Cards are cool. I take that back without backspacing. As long as the cards have your handwriting in them because a couple of sentences ago, I was referring to those blank graduation cards. They serve no purpose. Your handwriting, on the other hand, is appreciated. It's more personal.

The next mission that I have to complete is paying for tuition and I'm guessing if I pay about $1,000 a month for like 983983 years, it will be payed for.

If you do not feel that you would like to give me money for graduation, here are a few things that I would enjoy:

Equipped with FireWire 800/400 and USB 2.0 interfaces, and formatted for Macintosh, this high speed portable hard drive is perfect for Mac users on the go. Use it to pack up your office files and take them home, carry thousands of songs or pictures and back up your Macintosh laptop using Apple® Time Machine™.

FireWire® 800 - Save and access data at top speeds with the high-performance FireWire 800 interface. Also includes FireWire 400 and USB 2.0 interfaces for maximum flexibility.
Turbo powered - Includes high-speed turbo drivers for maximum performance. (Mac only)
Illuminated Capacity Gauge - Connect My Passport™ to your computer and see at a glance how much space is available on your drive.
Compatible with Apple® Time Machine™ - Use with Apple’s Time Machine, or your favorite back up software.
FireWire or USB powered - No separate power supply is needed.*
* A special cable is available for the few computers that limit USB power.
Designed for Mac, works with Windows® - Designed for use with Macintosh computers. Can be easily reformatted for use with Windows PCs.
Ideal For

Carrying important files between work and home or on the road.
Backing up photos, music, video or any files.
Use with Time Machine, or your favorite back up software.

The TASER X26 is our premier law enforcement electronic control device. The TASER X26 uses a replaceable TASER cartridge containing a compressed nitrogen propulsion system to deploy two small probes that are attached to the TASER X26 by insulated wires. The TASER X26 transmits NMI impulses through these wires into the remote target at distances from direct contact up to 35 feet (10.6 meters). The TASER X26 is transforming law enforcement and becoming a vital tool for patrol level law enforcement officers around the world.

Advanced Features

• 60% smaller in size and weight than the ADVANCED TASER M26
• Greater incapacitating power than the ADVANCED TASER M26
• Optimized for full-time carry on the duty belt
• Software upgradable
• Integrated laser sight with low intensity lights
• Central Information Display (CID) indicates countdown timer during an activation, battery level and warranty information

Time Capsule works automatically with Time Machine in Mac OS X Leopard to create the perfect no-hassle backup solution. There are no cables, and you can back up all the computers in your home to a central location.

Server-grade storage.

The massive 500GB or 1TB server-grade hard drive2 gives you all the capacity and safety you need for backing up all your Mac computers.

These performance attributes have been meticulously wrapped in premium full grain leather uppers and adorned with original design details that are uniquely Kanye and identifiably Nike. The remastered Nike Air Assault outsole is treated to glow-in-the-dark properties and will illuminate when the light is low. The forefoot support strap is premium grade patent leather and is of no-stitch construction. Clean seams are used throughout except for a premium suede toe wrap feature with visible stitch detail. Emblazoned across the Air Yeezy is an exclusive “Y” repeat pattern, as either a debossed or lasered detail, which takes inspiration from the Jordan brands iconic Elephant print material. This graphic treatment was developed by West and Smith to pay tribute not only to the name of the shoe and it’s co-creator, but also to the various moments in history that spurred West’s initial inspiration for the Nike Air Yeezy.

Powerful. Practical. Efficient. Challenger's versatile engine lineup doesn't just uphold its legendary performance reputation — it takes it to an entirely new level.

The 6.1-liter SRT® HEMI® V8 is the highest naturally aspirated specific-output engine ever offered in a Challenger. It features:

Performance-oriented camshaft profiles
Aggressively designed cylinder heads and intake and exhaust systems to help maximize airflow and increase engine speed.

Some helmets

Also, I would like to re-record some songs in a super studio with professional mixing and mastering. I would like for the production to be mixed masterfully. I recently purchased my own keyboard because I am going to get back on my production grind being that I slightly impatient at times.

- I would like for people to participate in the next video. Thanks for those who have participated thus far.

some of these:

- I would like a chance to prove that I am capable to begin a career in something that I enjoy. Pretty much anything media related.

-If the previous listing is unavailable, I could use some of these for my current jobs:

this one goes HARD. it has LED.

Asher Roth and Kid Cudi tickets for July something at the House of Blues on Sunset.
haven't listened to the Asher Roth cd yet but I will....last night I had the chance to meet him but I straight went to sleep. I drank a corona. Trying to upbuild my tolerance so no one can take advantage of me if ever it is imperative to drink liquor.
I heard that if you drink a little bit of poison a day, you can become immune to it. somebody try it out and let me know if it works. Yes, that counts as one of the things that I want for graduation. I want someone to poison themselves everyday and give me the results after like 3 months.

I want a jetpack too.

I'd like for you all who have twitter to attempt to tell @nahright to post bird's eye view. Why? Because it will solidify the whole Holographic Double thing. When you do this, be sure to also put @TurboTdouble so that I can see if you did it or not. Don't punk out.

Also, I'd like to record a song with Gucci Mane and Cam'ron and I want the remix to have Shawty Lo, Soulja Boy, OJ the Juiceman, Yung LA, and Young Dro.

k, gotta get back to work.

yall have less than 2 weeks to get your shi....stuff together.

take care

ps: I want this guy to perform at the ceremony.


Anonymous said...


Josh(JCThriller) said...

Ill get you the car..... The hot wheels version.

pantherzfan201 said...

lmao turbo, damn kid, that's a long list...And mannnnn, you could def. use the helium for ER6, make some chipmunk songs hahaha. And forget the Human Saxophone, my clarinet playing abilities are just as bad, i'd play for free!

Fuze said...

i just graduated and you know what i want be on one track with t.double turbo...

with that said
i'll complete 3-5 of those tasks if you do atrack with me

is there a p.o box or address we should send ish to ?

hit me up

Saylen said...

ay folk im bout to start work on dem beats u asked for so u should have them within a week or so

Anonymous said...

Double...I'm LOL and SMH at the Human Saxophone!! You a fool for that one! Congratulations Bro!!! As a gift, I'll go to your myspace and send a payment for my download of V5 when it drops. I know it's gonna be so serious!!!!!

Anonymous said...

no doubt

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I agree! The grey Yeezy's (I simply call 'em, Da Greys) are soooo sick!! Yeezy's are available on all types of online shoe stores, such as, but Iono if I trust it. They could be knock-offs!

Anonymous said...

LOL, haha that was funny, i got those harbringer fingerless gloves, feel like a badass in them. i want a jetpack. said...

Hey Turbo

Whats good man? Hey i just started a blog to help the writing skillz you know and i wanted to do a feature on you CUZ u a beast man and i want more people to hear about you. Is koo if could email you some questions?

(still geekin of Gigaton Punch my dude)
let me know whats up