Tuesday, May 5, 2009


TSST on earth.  IT seems as though there are no Scramblers in the middle of the USA at all. 

Turbo edit:
good point, armor.
anyone notice that one person in hawaii?
i know kanye and kid cudi and them be in hawaii alot - wouldn't it be great if that was them?

better yet - is there someone who lives in hawaii who reads this blog? leave a comment...
thanks for holding it down here in the states. in the UK. in the EU. east side. west side. everywhere. the middle section of usa, wussup man...men...women..humans..humen? nvm.

also, thinking about considering to think about performing again. after i forgot the words in vegas ...smh..idk. lol

Armor Edit:
^ don't be silly.
I noticed that the map posted was just for a given day.  There ARE people in the middle and...just look:



I be that SCRAMBLER from SC!

Young said...

I be in Cali

Ziggy said...

See that one person in Ireland?! Booya!!

Turbo said...

lol. thats wussup!

Mitul_the_Shah said...

Me and propaYne are Scramblin' over in New Jersey

Anonymous said...

Chi-Town, stand up!!!!!!

Gabe said...

Shout out to my people in the FL

SeanTheRobot said...

so..who's that other person from Germany?


Anonymous said...

Im here reppin Hawaii. Man glad to see Turbo givin us a little shout out.

Stunnnnaman said...

midwest all day babay

sANTana+ said...

scrambling in ATL

JPlezzur said...

UK, wuttup
England, wuttup
Birmingham, wuttup!

(Turbo, u can post your tour dates here, yeh? I already isolated the city 4 ya. Jus tryna help the scramble)