Sunday, February 8, 2009

i take


A new mixtape entitled Back To School just dropped over at DCtoBC
My song "Final's Week" is on it as well as a drop that I made a long time ago.
Check it out at:


even though that website didn't even post LightHeart. big ups.
that website didn't post it, gowherehiphop didn't post it, lupEND didn't post it, them dudes over at that young analog hype didn't post it, and the list goes on.

i am also aware of those who did post it.
big ups to all.

Ps: any sites that are reading this who have yet to post that video, don't do so now.
i'm not mad at any of you, i am just...aware

Pss: those are websites who have posted Turbo stuff before. those are also websites who have many visitors.
at the end of the day though, i want you, whoever is reading this, to realize that only time will tell.
quantity does affect awareness, in a way.

also, here is the mixtape drop i did in case you don't want to download the entire mixtape:

DCBCdrop - Turbo

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dena.DUHH said...

I liked that haha, I laughed out loud.

'They got all sensitive 'cuz I came on campus with my storm trooper helmet on.'