Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How could i forget?

"my favorite rapper ever..ever"
-Turbo- song code titled "h.d."
will be released soon


Anonymous said...

Pardon me, but who the hell is Nipsey Hussle? That name is soooo played, Ha!

P.S. : Last thing I herd about Cam was that he got popped in his Pink Lambo. Shotly after that he released a mixtape that was reviewed on Okayplayer.

yung said...

Killa! i had to be one of the biggest dipset fans, i really used to zone out to their music mang/ i miss the old Dipset days like when dipset performed at the source awards and pink was poppin/ yeah those were the days when u-mad.net was relevant and dipsetmixtapes had the tees for sell/ It was a movement indeed. Not too sure how i feel about this new school dips/ pop champaign and what have you just doesnt have that same vibe cam should get some more tracks from the heat makers. i played that last cam mixtape out already
I guess I'll dipset 4 eva from purple haze and reminices on the old days now lol

DFresh said...

always thought dude looked like MLK...