Thursday, February 12, 2009


What up Turbo. This is Stewart ^_^ I'm writing you from my school email. lol
anyway, I'm here to talk about business, not really important business, but business none the less.
I've been racking my brain about where and how to find good beat makers, then it hit me...
I like all of the beats that you record to. and Dz if thats how you spell it, is the name I mainly here.
Not trying to jock or anything, lol, but I was wondering how you started working with him, and how to get in contact with em' and what not... I need cold beats not the wack beats some of these lames make. if you could help
that would be great news. Other than that man, just keep doing what your doing bro. Like I've known you since I was 16 man. and I only met you once in person when you and castleberry came in front of my house asking for my brother i think, why Idk??? lol.. but ever since Tiffany, I been on your side man real talk.. I didnt really get serious about my craft until after I heard you spit. and I was like man, if he can do it so can I! I mean i had been writing songs since I was a kid, and I had been in a rap group and all that... but it was after that when I really started looking for my own individuality as an artist. Its funny cuz i look back at how I used to ask all the time when can I bee in Tsst.. lol..
and now I'm about to be 19 and what not, and I still look up to you. You cool man, imma see wassup with castleberry and try and see if I can kick it with yall sometime soon.. but yea I know hearing people say good things about the music keeps you going.. so yea there you go.. lol

-I had to humble myself to get all that out, so appreciate it. lmao


In school, there were different groups. We had So Tru, Kool Line, Tuxedo's crew, Waffleheads, Dairy Product, TSST. lol.
There were more crews but I forget the names.
Anyways, TSST was just me. Turbo. I rapped as Turbo, Venom, Spydy, and Hulk. I changed effects on the voices....dont make me post one of those songs. lmao

TSST originally stood for Turbo's Superhero Street Team till I heard that Stack Bundles song and when Juggernaut was 'initiated' i wanted to change the name from Turbo's to like something more general...THE.
as for the other crews, Everyone else was at least 15 deep. real talk.
DZ was the leader of KOOL LINE.
I met him through school.
At the time, I was cool with So Tru. We were rapping even in Jr. high but I made sure that I was never actually in their crew. I work better when there is room to scramble UP....if that makes sense.
At the time, I think DZ's crew was beefin with So Tru. idk. could be wrong.
I was making my own beats at this time. Uppercut Mixtape days...where...I use to sample SONIC the HEDGEHOG. dont make me post one of those songs...either.

DZ had this song on the radio called "The Sizzlin' Summer Youth Pass" which was for the local bus station. He actually won cash off of it. I didn't know he went to my school though - or - I didn't know that he made that song but it was catchy. One of these producers on campus told me that yeah, DZ Tree made that song. I was like word?
I asked DZ for a cd and he gave me one that had like 5 songs on it.
That bus station song was on it.
Man i gotta find that and post it.
anyways - there is certainly more to this whole story but I'll probably tell all of that some other time.
Yall still don't know where BATTLETOAD came from. Sure you may know it came from the video game released in 80s...but...there is a whole history on my career as a battle rapper. lol.

I still managed to refrain from using profanity though.

anyways, enough typing!
there is work to be done


DFresh said...

straight AutoBio. story is kool tho. sounded like a sick school. better than mine at least.

BibbleFoshizzle said...

Nice to hear about how you became the Scramblin Scholar we see before us. Your school sounds like it was a tight place to be.

P.S. I respect that you refrain from using profanity. It is one of the many things that demonstrates how you are on a whole different level then them other cats.

dena.DUHH said...

I like the whole story behind TSST and DZ as high school was lame compared to yours.

I know you said not to...but I wanna hear ALL of those songs haha.

Adara said...

I agree with DFresh, your school sounds way cooler than mine school was reaalll boring. And it's nice to hear your story, I always wondered how TSST got its start.

JNolanIsCool said...

Yeah man, that's a pretty dope story. The Battletoad story has GOT to be interesting. lol
Reminds me of my high school except all the other crews were Crime Mobb-ish. lol