Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i'm getting tired of electro rock v3 ...

its been done for a while now and im just about tired of listening to it...
nah but real deal, i don't typically care for listening - at the same time - i can't wait for you to hear this mixtape.
at the end of the day, like, if i am over hyping the calibur of this music, then, there really won't be any...reprecussions? repre-
i forget how to spell the word - whatever.
What I'm trying to say is this:
I am unsigned and I have zero obligation to deliver anything that is supposed to be significant in the hip hop industry.
I do not get paid for any of this music. At the most, I receive compliments.
You know, I have set up a Donations account with PayPal and everything and...well...you already know.
How many people do you think have actually contributed to anything? I'm speaking of finances for the most part..
...Studio time costs money. Everything from the actual time recording to the driving distance to the time being taken away from work.
Most of the mundane situations that I am placed in everyday ...well..they don't exactly inspire anything either..
And all of this for what??
Please note that I am not posting this in order to provoke a guilt trip, nor am I complaining.
I think Joe Budden said "They call it complaining, I call it explaining" -
something like that...
but yeah...like I was saying..
All of this for what? Well...I thought about it and I think this is all simply for the passion..the cacoethes..the exuberant feeling of accomplishment...or something.
It really does relieve stress...it really does. It really does seem to register in the minds of various people around the globe..
All of who I believe to be intelligent not simply because they listen to the music...but because they are not being governed by what is so commonly force fed through the general public's mind..
I speak of the 'public mind' as a single..object...just to make this message more clear...clearer...uhh..whatever...man.
There will definitely come a time where this recording will stop...if not the recording, then, the release of material.
Recognition has yet to surface here in the 'underground'...but...who cares?
I don't...I mean...I'm not really supposed to...not to the point where the stress release..the drive of creativity becomes...parked.
imagine that.
Hard work. Concentration...Chaos!
This is bananas...pause.
let's get get get it!!!

That movie WalllE was good. reaaaaalll deaaaalll.


Anonymous said...

i bought your mixtape off soundclick if that counts for anything, I can i honestly say ima supporter of what your doing man your my favorite rapper like if i was a rapper id be you! and never be selfish with your gift and keep the music to yourself. We need it! Please release it if not to the public email it to me lol cant wait for verses versus voltage!

Anonymous said...

i relate to your music most man "i dont wanna dick ride or nothin"--yung reezey from the boondocks
but i dont think you realize how your music affects people i F w ur music man dont ever keep your gift of makin dope music to yourself! Scramble Upwards