Sunday, July 6, 2008

2 Things I Never Should Have Quit!!!

In the future, I want to at least attempt these things again....
the memories.

If I ever do a music video, I kinda want this to be in it. Nevermind the music in the video but yeah....stupid dope! I would be at Van's Skatepark on the BmX days on that young Gt Vertigo. Chrome with the black pegs, airbag style tires, customized handlebar grips day!

this song in particular is taken from Vivaldi's The Four Seasons...this is AUTUMN.
I vividly remember performing this song mannnnnn - and Spring....and Winter...Summer.
the memories!
NOSTALGIA. I still can read music so maybe in the future I will be able to afford a teacher and an electronic the one on Starship Troopers! remember that one? the GREEN one? sheeeeeeeesh
The regular electric violins run for about 2 grand last time I checked...
If I sold 400 copies of a cd at $5.00 each then..well...wait! what am i thinking? haha
but yeah - one day!

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2che said...

Aw shit that BMX shit was crazy... I wonder why that sport fell off?... Oh and those electric violins tend to get u laid... U remember what happened next in starship troopers... lol