Saturday, July 26, 2008

AnalogHype Story

He is a man in possession of many aliases such as The Scramblin’ Scholar, T Double, Turbo2k5, and BattleToad. His most common name is Turbo. Which ever title you choose to assign him, he is a talented young man taking the internet by storm. His Street Fighter themed music videos have been featured all over gaming sites and are on YouTube. In these videos Turbo not only talks in depth about the Street Fighter realm, but also spits his lyrics as if he is a certain pugnacious, fisticuffs loving character himself (Balrog obviously). His style is is derived from a combination of the best in the game right now (Lupe Fiasco for example) with his own flavor. He has fanfaronade and moxy (I hate the term swagger, it’s feeble) in spades and is unique unlike some people in the game right now. Don’t take my word for it though, watch the videos and judge for yourselves

story found at AnalogHype

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