Saturday, July 26, 2008

1 review of Disc 1

Okay so here is the deal, no sugar coating added.First off is the intro lady a computer?
Ozone beat is crazy! Very good use of metaphors in this one not that I could understand every single one but great none the less

Green raindrops is pretty funny reminescent of the janitor.

Laser’s another good one there are a lot of small detail you have to pick up on like u said -till I covr these beats with ice with a mug a theresa flow that’s so nice-.I like that cuz its not like ur just fillin bars to take up space there is a lot of thought that goes into it.

Metal Double—GREAT. Again, like laser, a lot of intricate parts. I will say it kinda lost me toward the middle but picked up again

Plightofmidnight reminds me of neflowtiation from lightbulb level which I think is cool you add trac ks like that cuz it switches up the feel of the album a lil

DumbDouble is crazy! That’s all I can say

Drugstore is funny too. I like the delivery a lot

And I would like to say
100hits is awesome, but I don’t think my opinion would serve it justice since I have never been into Street fighter and Im not a poser

For my last coment in this evaluation, if people say ur delivery doesn’t seem to change much I can understand what they mean, however I feel that’s like ur signiture its what makes ur music ur music. You are able to keep your style, however still switch it up and add a little twist with tracks like drugstore or metaldouble and I don’t think people get that…... Also what makes ur music apeal to me is (in addition to the fact u know ur gonna get the crazy metaphors, illustrations and use of alliteration) that its like jumpin into a different world.

You can tell ur mind is on another level and you bring somethin to the table no other rapper I hve listened to does because of the ability to illustrate what ur mind d oes through ur music

Anyway idk if that’s exactly what you wanted or I just sound like some kind of crazy fan wasteing ur time, but I hope it helps And glad to see u DID NOT retire, cuz I soo knew that the day u told me :P


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