Saturday, June 14, 2008

last night

got off work.
ordered an expensive stormtrooper helmet....seriously.
went to see the hulk (alone)...super improvement when compared to the other hulk movie..a good film indeed..
it seems as though im a loser and sometimes it feels that way too...
its been a long time coming as the loner who seems like a loser at times...but...change will come...hopefully.
3 syllables single handedly express immense doubt.
somebody keep telling me..dont hang around..
que the music.
A Change Is Gonna Come - SAM COOKE


propayne93 said...

yeah i been havin those same thoughts bout myself too, i kinda needed that post thnx turbo

R. Doucet Jr. said...

son, atl east you got the balls to go to the movies on your own, ya dig. most people scared as shit..

propayne93 said...

haha ^

yo turbo did u get my email? i sound like one of diz dudes tryin to contact a record label "u got my mixtape pimp?" nah but i requested a collab, jus a yes or a no wud be nice lol

Turbo said...

doucet - indeed sir.
pro93 - im not a hundred as far as if i read your email - but - if it said anything about collaborating, i probably neverminded it. not as a means to disrespect but more because there is a stupid amount of people who contact me about the 'c' word. this is part of the reason why i have disabled messages on myspace because i am taking a huge break from doing music with other, particularly underground, emcees/rappers/singers/chanters/hummers/sign languagers/
as of answer is no.
hopefully you can understand where im coming from..

propayne93 said...

yessir im 100% down with that, im starting to veer that same direction myself lol

otaku out

Anonymous said...

lol.. someone's using the 'loser' tag on themselves now huh

*cue something foolish you said in a conversation once*

i almost forgot; how braaave of you to do things on your own :P