Saturday, June 28, 2008


Another solo movie night. this time, i went to see this one movie...i rather not say the title. it was straight.
the problem is this...over acting imagination that i have been seems..cursed with.
the drive home through random, empty neighborhoods..midnight..
you see things.
many things that appear to be real.
not like a clear image of a clown or some demonic stuff of that nature...its more like..
real things...just...altered.
please note that it is 1245 am right now, and, all of what im typing has a pass to sound ridiculous.....but im serious.
i drove past one house in particular where the front window was exposed.
a blue light flashed through the window in various shades.
behold - a old woman laughing at the televison screen..
she had glasses - and was in a rocking chair..i could tell by the way her upper body seemed to sway towards and away from the screen. it was like this whole thing happened in slow -
please note that this happend around 12:34 am... laughing old women - midnight?
Driving through the streeets may have blurred my view - but - i am sure of what i saw...

this is just one of the many things. silence.
attempted to turn on my mp3 player which is connected to the radio so that the horrible silence would end.
uncomfortable. - what do you know. the device fails to operate.
let's just stop this post before i weird you out anymore...
it's crazy, man....crazy

1 comment: said...

that's what i'm talking about. we the only dudes that hit the movies on the solo tip. good grief. some girl once called me out as lame for that.

i wanted to shake the shit out of her. she was cut from my roster. immediately.