Friday, June 6, 2008


With finals over and all, nothing has really changed as far as staying busy. It seems as though work hours suddenly increased already and having to wait till midnight to get off of work and come back the next day over and over again doesn't seem to be much of a summer break. Only break that I take is when I break a sweat though it is oh so important to keep in mind that it is advisable to NEVER let them see you sweat...but this phrase most likely refers to a figurative sweat as opposed to the physical display of liquid exhaustion oftentimes coming in a musty odor. In my case, however, when I sweat it smells like victory, champagne, gatorade, winterfresh gum, listerine, lol!
whatever man, let's get get get it.
glow in the dark tour tomorrow should be an interesting event to STUDY for tomorrow.
..the word captialized in this post is yet another hint that goes with the post that was posted right before this one so stay posted like little yellow sheets of paper!..I'm going to have to stop speaking in metaphorical language because I am sure there are at least a few rappers who visit this blog who wouldn't mind straight swagger jackin!!! stop! don't make a statue of me...


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R. Doucet Jr. said...

Son, I fuckin love Regina Spektor.. haha, keep it reeel.