Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Young Turbo tracklisting

This is the tentative could change.
I'm guessing that I may have to put this on separate discs or something.
I don't have time to make this a fancy mixtape nor do I have time to listen to all of the songs and arrange them in a certain order so for the most part, they are in alphabetical order.
Please note that these songs were, for the most part, recorded when I wasn't as skilled as I am now and do not exactly reflect the person that I am today.
Don't be surprised if you hear a different Turbo than what you are familiar with..


KBG187 said...

wow there are many songs that you got on your soundclick page this mixtape is gonna be dope man cant wait

PlatinumAssassin said...

Indeed! I spied 'No Hook','Tippin', and 'Backstab' on there. I hope 'Own Me' is the song I believe it to be. I'm hoping for a lil 'Bomb Work', 'Dinner Verse', and 'Let It Go' make the cut.

Quite excited to bump this in the car, T.

Jayn Doe said...

Can't wait!

Hope all is well with you.