Sunday, October 10, 2010


V5 will not be released today. I originally did not plan to be so financially and mentally troubled when I announced that I wanted to release a tape today. Please excuse me for my tardiness.

Last night I was engaged in seriously one of, if not the most, intelligent conversations I've experienced. It was a (discussion)*inside joke* that went on for about 3 hours after a fun filled night at the Drais nightclub in Hollywood.

My friend and networking partner Dork and I listened and spoke with Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas as he dropped some serious knowledge. Information that I can't even type on this blog. Yes, it's that real!

I also met and briefly spoke with one member of the super creative group UNI.
Met this really cool guy named Zig. The very classy young actress named Emy and a retired bboy named Scotty. Some cool guys from Germany and nice women from Switzerland as well as this girl I went to high school with and low key had a crush on. I finally met her which was cool.!

Super shout out to J.B and his entourage who allowed me access into the club with them after security denied me since Im a nobody and not am attractive female. I really appreciate that!!

Met a cool girl named Shay. She was fly imo even though she had just got off work and said sge wasnt really dressed up.
Shout out to Apple from BEP. Cool dude.
Annnnnd thats who i remember right now cuz im super tired.Im probably typing too much but y
eah...time to sleep n get ready for more networking tonight.


DFresh said...

Damn, all that hype on the conversation with, and then you leave us in the dark. You out here blue ballin us dawg (no homo). S'all good tho. I'll be waiting patiently for dat v5/2

And quit lying about these women man. We know you aint followin up on nothin.


PlatinumAssassin said...

I hear you on the money and mindset thing, T. I'm sure everyone will be ready whenever you do decide to drop it. It's good to see you keeping busy on the networking and show side of things so keep it up.

Koran said...

Man, text can't express how amazing it is to see & hear all of the stuff you are accomplishing networking/music wise in a relatively short amount of time.

All I have to say is make sure you write all of our names down so that when you get famous you can separate the OG supporters from the bandwagon. #TSST all day.

Anonymous said...

Damn Turb lmao i had the release marked on my blackberry -__- oh well its free so I can't complain but do your thang man